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1 qst400303_msg0001 84 The real problem is the Perfect Range Sensor.
2 qst400303_msg0002 84 Could we not salvage that, as well?
3 qst400303_msg0003 84 Don't think I've heard of any likely spots for those lately...
4 qst400303_msg0004 84 They're almost impossible to find except when the Titans and the Cloud Sea align in exactly the right way.
5 qst400303_msg0005 84 And even if we did find a spot where they might show up, we'd need a lot of luck to actually bag one.
6 qst400303_msg0006 84 We don't exactly have time to waste, so perhaps salvaging isn't the answer...
7 qst400303_msg0007 84 Hey, can I ask you something?
8 qst400303_msg0008 84 From the looks of it, this young lady here's a Blade and you're her Driver, am I right?
9 qst400303_msg0009 84 Huh?
10 qst400303_msg0010 84 Urk... I-is that what it looks like?
11 qst400303_msg0011 84 Wait one moment please! Rex-Rex and Tora also Blade actually!
12 qst400303_msg0012 84 Does that make me the Driver?
13 qst400303_msg0013 84 Surely the Driver would have to be me.
14 qst400303_msg0014 84 Can we try to be a LITTLE believable here?! We need to sort out our stories...
15 qst400303_msg0015 84 Hey now, no need to get your knickers in a twist.
16 qst400303_msg0016 84 I'm just a regular botanist.
17 qst400303_msg0017 84 Botanist?! Tora would never guessed!
18 qst400303_msg0018 84 I get that a lot.
19 qst400303_msg0019 84 Thing is, I was heading to Lascham Island for a spot of fieldwork, but I ran into a bit trouble.
20 qst400303_msg0020 84 I tried asking the Imperial Army to help me out, but it looks like they're pretty busy right now.
21 qst400303_msg0021 84 So I figure if you lot are decent at fighting, maybe you could take care of the issue for me.
22 qst400303_msg0022 84 If you help me out, I might just be able to spare a Perfect Range Sensor I've got lying around in storage.
23 qst400303_msg0023 84 Well, that sounds perfect!
24 qst400303_msg0024 84 Yeah. We'll see what we can do!
25 qst400303_msg0025 84 Lascham Island isn't hard to find. You can see it to the left as you exit the city through the main entrance.
26 qst400303_msg0026 84 Just take care of the Juppen Krabble you find there. And be careful, they can be vicious!