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1 qst400202_msg0001 84 Oh yeah, I heard about that.
2 qst400202_msg0002 84 Some Ardainian dude was saying they were going to "execute the prisoner" within the next few days!
3 qst400202_msg0003 84 Those Torna guys are pretty bad, right?
4 qst400202_msg0004 84 I heard they've killed loads of Drivers to steal their Core Crystals.
5 qst400202_msg0005 84 Pretty amazing if the Empire have really captured one of them!
6 qst400202_msg0007 84 The Empire's so cool!
7 qst400202_msg0006 84 I wonder what they'll do at this "execution" thing, anyway. I've never seen one before!
8 qst400202_msg0008 84 I've gotta go see for myself! You guys should come along too!