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1 qst400201_msg0001 84 Turuni know this of course.
2 qst400201_msg0002 84 But Turuni is informant by trade. Can not provide information without proper compensation.
3 qst400201_msg0003 84 Thanks much for custom!
4 qst400201_msg0004 84 Inside Titan battleship, Gormotti girl being held prisoner.
5 qst400201_msg0005 84 Unfortunately Turuni not yet receive intelligence specifying prisoner name.
6 qst400201_msg0006 84 But rumor say, big ship arrive for sole purpose of holding one measly girl.
7 qst400201_msg0007 84 People of Gormott getting along quite well with Empire nowadays, so trouble like this not very welcome!
8 qst400201_msg0008 84 That seem to be opinion of most of Torigoth resident.
9 qst400201_msg0009 84 That about extent of information Turuni know.
10 qst400201_msg0010 84 Enough to satisfy friends?
11 qst400201_msg0011 84 Turuni offer super-special bargain price and friends still not purchase?
12 qst400201_msg0012 84 If friends short on cash, maybe should go outside town and defeat monster.
13 qst400201_msg0013 84 Normally, Turuni charge for this kind of information too, but this time provide specially for free.
14 qst400201_msg0014 84 Hoping to see friends again!