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1 qst400105_msg0001 84 This is brand-new cylinder. Please test out at nearby Salvage Point and tell Rurui impressions from using.
2 qst400105_msg0002 84 All right, then. Leave it to me!
3 qst400105_msg0003 84 Salvage point at end of this pier is perfect place for test new cylinder.
4 qst400105_msg0004 84 Look like friend all finished. How was new cylinder?
5 qst400105_msg0005 165 Let's be honest here.
6 qst400105_msg0006 165 It was fantastic!
7 qst400105_msg0007 165 It was all right.
8 qst400105_msg0008 165 It wasn't great.
9 qst400105_msg0009 84 Fantastic? That good to hear! Rurui hope other salvagers feel same way!
10 qst400105_msg0010 84 "All right"?! That such vague answer!
11 qst400105_msg0011 84 But it true that not easy to get used to new cylinder after only one use.
12 qst400105_msg0012 84 Rex sure problem with cylinder and not just bad luck? This good value cylinder, should always fetch decent treasure!
13 qst400105_msg0013 84 At any rate, thanks much for help.
14 qst400105_msg0014 84 If friend ever run out of cylinders, please drop by shop any time. We make deal!
15 qst400105_msg0015 84 Also, here, give friend present of three normal cylinder. Can use in same place as before, meh! Happy salvaging!