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1 qst400104_msg0001 84 Hello there, friend Rex! Rurui, proprietor of Whiteside Salvaging, at your service!
2 qst400104_msg0002 84 No need for introductions with me, Rurui. I was thinking of going to check out some cylinders in a bit.
3 qst400104_msg0003 84 Well, that perfect timing! Rurui just get in brand-new cylinder type. If having time, friend want to test out?
4 qst400104_msg0004 84 Really? You'd let me?
5 qst400104_msg0005 84 Rex is up-and-coming star of salvager world. If Rex approve of quality, easier for Rurui to sell!
6 qst400104_msg0006 84 It's not every day you get the chance to test out a brand-new product. I'd be glad to help!
7 qst400104_msg0007 84 Then it settled! Come see Rurui on rear deck shortly then. Rurui will make preparation!
8 qst400104_msg0008 84 Gotcha!