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1 qst300410_msg001 62 ヴァンダムの墓の前で誓い
2 qst300410_msg0001 84 Glad you could make it.
3 qst300410_msg0002 84 I just wanted to take a moment to report in to old Vandham together with you guys.
4 qst300410_msg0003 84 Boss...
5 qst300410_msg0004 84 We never properly appreciated how much you did for us until you weren't around any more.
6 qst300410_msg0005 84 Organizing all our missions, managing the rations, balancing the manpower... There's no end to it, really.
7 qst300410_msg0006 84 At first, we weren't sure how to go on without you. But by working together, I think we've managed to pull through!
8 qst300410_msg0007 84 Vandham...
9 qst300410_msg0008 84 I'm afraid I still don't remember the days I spent fighting by your side.
10 qst300410_msg0009 84 But watching Rex, his friends, and the people of this village, it's easy to see how great a man you must've been.
11 qst300410_msg0010 84 I don't know if I can really carry on your legacy, but I swear I'll keep these people safe. You can count on that.
12 qst300410_msg0011 84 Old man, the mercenary band you started isn't going away any time soon. We'll keep it going just as strong...
13 qst300410_msg0012 84 No, we'll build it up until it's ten times stronger than the day you left it!
14 qst300410_msg0013 84 So don't you worry about us. Rest your old bones in peace, you hear?
15 qst300410_msg0014 84 This kid Rex you brought us is one heckuva leader. So we're good.
16 qst300410_msg0015 84 Right, I think that should be enough to satisfy the old man!
17 qst300410_msg0016 84 Thanks for joining us for this. It meant a lot to me.
18 qst300410_msg0017 84 And keep up the good work, boss!