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1 qst300402_msg001 62 受注前テキスト
2 qst300402_msg002 62 受注後テキスト
3 qst300402_msg003 62 タスク8クリア後テキスト
4 qst300402_msg0001 84 Yew won't even tell me who this latest job is from.
5 qst300402_msg0002 84 He must really not be kidding when he says they're a big shot.
6 qst300402_msg0003 84 You'll let me know who it turns out to be afterwards, right? Just on the down low.
7 qst300402_msg0101 84 Man, I can't believe your client turned out to be the Queen herself!
8 qst300402_msg0102 84 We had a mystery-client job to deal with ourselves while you were gone, you know. It was quite the challenge.