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1 qst300401_msg001 62 (仮)受注条件を満たしていないときのテキスト
2 qst300401_msg002 62 受注テキスト
3 qst300401_msg003 62 受注後テキスト
4 qst300401_msg004 62 タスク8クリア後テキスト
5 qst300401_msg0001 84 The Garfont Mercenaries' reputation is building up nicely!
6 qst300401_msg0002 84 And thanks to that, we've bagged ourselves a big job.
7 qst300401_msg0003 84 If you want the details, you'd best talk to the client directly.
8 qst300401_msg0004 84 I'm hoping you guys'll be able to take care of this one. The client requested you specifically.
9 qst300401_msg0005 84 The client we're talking about is... well, I shouldn't really talk about it here, but let's say they're a big shot.
10 qst300401_msg0006 84 If you do a good job with this one, I think our little mercenary band will have officially hit the big time.
11 qst300401_msg0007 84 So give it your best shot, yeah?
12 qst300401_msg0008 84 The client's waiting for you in a place called the Aquagardens, in the region of Fonsa Myma Waters.
13 qst300401_msg0009 84 But you'll need to go there between midnight and 5 o'clock in the morning. Got that?
14 qst300401_msg0101 84 The client's waiting for you in Fonsa Myma Waters, in a place called the Aquagardens.
15 qst300401_msg0102 84 You can only meet them between midnight and 5 o'clock in the morning. Is that OK?
16 qst300401_msg0201 84 Welcome back.
17 qst300401_msg0202 84 Sorry I couldn't tell you anything about the client in advance.
18 qst300401_msg0203 84 While you were out looking for the goods, we got a request here to catch the thief responsible.
19 qst300401_msg0204 84 I always thought queens didn't do much but laze about on their thrones...
20 qst300401_msg0205 84 Guess I was dead wrong. That lady's a proper leader.
21 qst300401_msg0206 84 Anyway, can you come with me for a moment?
22 qst300401_msg0207 84 I'll be waiting for you in front of old Vandham's grave. Can you bring Roc with you, too?