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1 qst300302_msg001 62 面接開始!
2 qst300302_msg002 62 面接後
3 qst300302_msg003 62 答え合わせ・両方当たり
4 qst300302_msg004 62 答え合わせ・片方当たり
5 qst300302_msg005 62 答え合わせ・全部ハズレ
6 qst300302_msg006 62 クエスト完了
7 qst300302_msg0001 84 Right then, then let's start the interviews, shall we? All set?
8 qst300302_msg0011 165 Start interviewing?
9 qst300302_msg0012 165 I'm ready!
10 qst300302_msg0013 165 Give me a second...
11 qst300302_msg0014 84 OK, I'm calling in candidate number one.
12 qst300302_msg0015 84 All right. Just don't take too long.
13 qst300302_msg0051 84 I'd like to have Rex handle the interviews, if possible. Could you bring him, perhaps?
14 qst300302_msg0101 84 All right, you've heard their appeals. Who do you think's best for the job?
15 qst300302_msg0102 84 First, there's Alicia. She's sure to bring something new and fresh to the mercs.
16 qst300302_msg0103 84 Then there's Popoh, the Nopon. She struck me as cool and level-headed.
17 qst300302_msg0104 84 And lastly, Zengrid, the former noble. He seems perfectly respectable.
18 qst300302_msg0121 165 Who should I choose?
19 qst300302_msg0122 165 Alicia
20 qst300302_msg0123 165 Popoh
21 qst300302_msg0124 165 Zengrid
22 qst300302_msg0151 84 Then it's settled.
23 qst300302_msg0152 84 Having a capable woman on board's sure to raise the crew's morale.
24 qst300302_msg0153 84 We all get a bit tetchy after a long day of battle. She's sure to calm the crew down.
25 qst300302_msg0154 84 He's a bit of an oddball, but I'd be more than welcome to let him handle our financial matters.
26 qst300302_msg0171 84 Yep, I think we're onto a winner here!
27 qst300302_msg0172 84 Y'know, sometimes you get a look in your eye that reminds me of Vandham. You're really taking to being in charge.
28 qst300302_msg0173 84 If only the Big Man could see you now.
29 qst300302_msg0174 84 Here's to the Garfont Mercs and to the bright future ahead of us!
30 qst300302_msg0175 84 Someday we'll be the best damn mercs in Uraya... No, in the whole of Alrest!
31 qst300302_msg0176 84 Remember to stop by when you're passing through!