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1 qst300301_msg001 62 (仮)受注条件を満たしていないときのテキスト
2 qst300301_msg002 62 (仮)受注テキスト
3 qst300301_msg003 62 (仮)子クエ受注
4 qst300301_msg004 62 (仮)ミニクエスト進行中
5 qst300301_msg005 62 (仮)ミニクエスト任務完了
6 qst300301_msg0001 84 Aha! Just the person I wanted to see.
7 qst300301_msg0002 84 When Vandham was around, all me and Zuo had to worry about was fightin'. But now we got details to take care of.
8 qst300301_msg0003 84 We're thinking of opening a specialized admin position for all the tedious work that no one wants to do.
9 qst300301_msg0004 84 We got three candidates, but it's a tough call. You turned up just at the right time, Boss.
10 qst300301_msg0005 84 We need you to look 'em in the eye and see which one's the guy for the job.
11 qst300301_msg0006 84 I know you've got an eye for people. Your loyal compeers prove that!
12 qst300301_msg0007 84 All right, I'm gonna call them up. Then you'll need to give 'em a good grilling. Make sure they got the right stuff.
13 qst300301_msg0008 84 We'll hold the interview in the training grounds. Give me a shout when you're ready.