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1 qst300202_msg001 62 (仮)受注前
2 qst300202_msg002 62 (仮)受注後
3 qst300202_msg003 62 (仮)バトル前
4 qst300202_msg004 62 (仮)バトル後
5 qst300202_msg0001 84 So you made it. Come on, then! Let's get this started!
6 qst300202_msg0011 165 How will I answer?
7 qst300202_msg0012 165 Why do we have to fight?
8 qst300202_msg0013 165 You aren't happy with me?
9 qst300202_msg0031 84 Yew and Zuo told us you're strong.
10 qst300202_msg0032 84 What we'd have given to fight by Vandham's side...
11 qst300202_msg0033 84 In the mercs, you've gotta prove yourself or it doesn't mean squat!
12 qst300202_msg0051 84 Nah, it's nothing personal. Vandham respected you and I won't contest that.
13 qst300202_msg0052 84 But what made us believe in Vandham was seeing him in action. Seeing him at the top of his game.
14 qst300202_msg0053 84 I want you to do the same. Gimme everything you've got. Prove to me you are what they say you are!
15 qst300202_msg0071 84 Let's get this show on the road!
16 qst300202_msg0101 84 I surrender! Hats off to you. That was a fine show of skill.
17 qst300202_msg0102 84 But boy am I stoked after that. How about another round? Just kidding!
18 qst300202_msg0111 84 Even after we dragged you into this brawl, you're still showing us compassion?
19 qst300202_msg0112 84 Almost feels like I'm speaking with Vandham himself!
20 qst300202_msg0113 84 He had a heart as wide as the Cloud Sea. You two were really alike, y'know.
21 qst300202_msg0121 84 All right, I give up! Sorry we had to do all this!
22 qst300202_msg0131 84 Well, you've talked us round. But that bloke over there's not convinced yet.
23 qst300202_msg0132 84 See him? That's Jugger. You'll have to let him take a pop at ya.