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1 qst300201_msg001 62 (仮)受注条件を満たしていない(世間話)
2 qst300201_msg002 62 (仮)受注トーク
3 qst300201_msg003 62 (仮)受注済みトーク
4 qst300201_msg0001 84 Heya. Looks like the mercs are finding their feet again, and about time too.
5 qst300201_msg0002 84 It's all down to you too. You've put a helluva effort in. But, the thing is...
6 qst300201_msg0003 84 Some of the vets still aren't all that keen on accepting an outsider as our boss.
7 qst300201_msg0004 84 But it's to be expected. Trust isn't something you win overnight.
8 qst300201_msg0005 84 So I asked around a bit, tried to get folks' opinions on the issue.
9 qst300201_msg0006 84 Basically, best thing for it would be to have a couple of sparring matches with some of the old hands.
10 qst300201_msg0007 84 Easiest way to win our respect as leader is through a show of strength.
11 qst300201_msg0008 84 You get what I'm saying, yeah? Good on you!
12 qst300201_msg0009 84 Could head over to the training ground? Cheers!
13 qst300201_msg0010 84 We've already got a line-up ready for you.
14 qst300201_msg0011 84 No need to go easy on 'em. They're used to getting a few bruises!
15 qst300201_msg0101 84 We're having the sparring matches over at the training ground. If you could head there now, that'd be ace.