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1 qst300103_msg101 84 So I hear you're making rations? If I find anything I can help with, I'll ask Zuo to let you know.
2 qst300103_msg103 84 Oh, you found the Mokmo Onion! Go on then, take it to the campfire and make the Dried Scented Salmon.
3 qst300103_msg104 84 ...That's quite the powerful scent... I'm sure it's a sign of how nutritious it is, but Pungent.
4 qst300103_msg001 84 Hey, I hear you're collecting ingredients for rations, is that right?
5 qst300103_msg002 84 Then you should try and get your hands on a Mokmo Onion!
6 qst300103_msg003 84 Sorry, I guess that was a bit sudden. It's supposed to be a really nutritious ingredient, so it's perfect for rations.
7 qst300103_msg004 84 They grow on Lascham Island in Gormott, but they're buried really deep, so you don't see them in shops much.
8 qst300103_msg005 84 It shouldn't be too hard to find the place where they grow, but actually obtaining them might be a challenge.
9 qst300103_msg006 84 Still, a Mokmo Onion or two would make for perfect Dried Scented Salmon, so it's definitely worth a try!
10 qst300103_msg007 84 I'll give you the Breath Charcoal and Steel Salmon and you can get the Mokmo Onion. Don't give up!
11 qst300103_msg008 84 Don't give up the search, will you?