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1 qst300102_msg001 84 Ah, there you are. I'll fill you in on the details.
2 qst300102_msg002 84 What we really need to expand our activities is to stock up on food supplies for long-range missions!
3 qst300102_msg003 84 It's not always possible to find rations at the destination, so we have to take our own, just in case.
4 qst300102_msg004 84 When he was around, Vandham used to take care of sourcing and managing the rations all by himself.
5 qst300102_msg005 84 Without him, we're still figuring out how to take care of it all.
6 qst300102_msg006 84 And it's not easy to find a good solution.
7 qst300102_msg007 84 While we figure it out, the stocks we have are depleting fast.
8 qst300102_msg008 84 So we have to source some more before they actually run out.
9 qst300102_msg009 84 So yeah, I'd like you to take care of collecting ingredients and preparing some food rations.
10 qst300102_msg010 84 What do you think? Can you handle it?
11 qst300102_msg011 84 Nice! I'll pass on the word to let you use the cooking equipment at the Plaza of Reprieve.
12 qst300102_msg012 84 Once you've got the ingredients, you can head there and make the rations.
13 qst300102_msg013 84 It doesn't matter too much what ingredients you use, just as long as they'll keep.
14 qst300102_msg014 84 We're all counting on you!
15 qst300102_msg101 84 Once you've got enough ingredients, head to the cooking equipment at the Plaza of Reprieve to make the rations.
16 qst300102_msg102 84 Did you stop by Sadecott Groceries?
17 qst300102_msg103 84 It's just Mimaira was asking after you. Maybe you should go talk to her.
18 qst300102_msg201 84 Thanks to you, we've got more than enough rations for the moment!
19 qst300102_msg202 84 Yeah, we should be fine to send more members on missions now.
20 qst300102_msg203 84 Right, I need to sort things out in the warehouse, so you go report in to Yew, would you?