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1 qst202910_msg0001 165 What now?
2 qst202910_msg0002 165 Give him the offering
3 qst202910_msg0003 165 Threaten him
4 qst202910_msg1001 84 Thanks friends for wondrous offering! Friends make Sage very happy!
5 qst202910_msg2001 84 And memories all come back too!
6 qst202910_msg3001 84 Girl who friends looking for did come here. Ran off towards Pillar City Ruins.
7 qst202910_msg4001 84 Me not know what girl was looking for, but quite dangerous by alone. Friends should go and help girl quick-quick!
8 qst202910_msg4002 84 Please bring many offering for tum-tum of Sage.
9 qst202910_msg4003 84 Then me might remember things.
10 qst202910_msg4004 84 F-friends do what?! Me not want to be trapped in cold dark again!
11 qst202910_msg4005 84 Me try very hard to remember, so please friends not do that!
12 qst202910_msg4006 84 Meh-meh-meh-meh-meh!!!
13 qst202910_msg4007 84 Ah yes, hm yes... Me remember everything!
14 qst202910_msg4010 84 Such technique have no effect on Nopon Sage in training!
15 qst202910_msg4012 84 Instead of waste time tormenting, friends bring offering quick-quick.
16 qst202910_msg4014 84 Friends can get Juicy Ray Fin by defeating Manda Moramora in Uraya.
17 qst202910_msg4015 84 Benign Cricket, Friends can get in Leftherian Archipelago. Soft Sea Cucumber is a thing in Gormott!
18 qst202910_msg4016 84 Very well! Off friends go to get offerings!