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1 qst202909_msg0001 84 Meh-meh-meh-mehhhh!!!
2 qst202909_msg0002 84 Wh-what the heck?!
3 qst202909_msg0003 84 Me thought me would die...!
4 qst202909_msg0004 84 Thanks friends much for saving!
5 qst202909_msg0005 84 Well, that sure ain't Kastina.
6 qst202909_msg0006 84 Who the heck are you, anyway? And what're you doing here?
7 qst202909_msg0007 84 Friends should call me Sage! Just Sage!
8 qst202909_msg0008 84 Me is in training to become great Nopon Sage!
9 qst202909_msg0009 84 Was in such deep meditation, did not notice when snow pile up on top of me. Almost became Nopon Icicle!
10 qst202909_msg0010 84 But me feel like me has achieved new level of enlightenment from experience.
11 qst202909_msg0011 84 Even for a Nopon, this guy's weird...
12 qst202909_msg0012 84 Still, if he's been around here, he might know something. We gotta find out where Kastina went.
13 qst202909_msg0013 84 Listen, did you see a Tantalese girl around here? We heard she was comin' over this way.
14 qst202909_msg0014 84 Meh-meh... Tantalese girl...?
15 qst202909_msg0015 84 Feel like may have seen... Or maybe not...
16 qst202909_msg0016 84 Give us a straight answer, wouldja? Her life might be on the line here!
17 qst202909_msg0017 84 Meh-meh...
18 qst202909_msg0018 84 If friends give offering of food, maybe it help me remember!
19 qst202909_msg0020 84 Seriously? That's your deal here?
20 qst202909_msg0021 84 Me is very hungry! Not having strength to think!
21 qst202909_msg0022 84 If stomach full, probably remember all about girl who come here!
22 qst202909_msg0023 84 Sounds mighty suspicious if you ask me, but I guess if that's what it takes...
23 qst202909_msg0024 84 Go on then, what're you after?
24 qst202909_msg0025 84 Me craving Juicy Ray Fin and Benign Cricket!
25 qst202909_msg0026 84 Oh, also Soft Sea Cucumber!
26 qst202909_msg0027 84 Me wait right here for offerings!
27 qst202909_msg0028 84 Kastina!