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1 qst202830_msg0001 84 Hey, Agate. Is there anything we can do for you?
2 qst202830_msg0002 84 Rex? What's this about all of a sudden?
3 qst202830_msg0003 84 Well, I just thought, you always look out for us, you know?
4 qst202830_msg0004 84 I'd like to repay the favor somehow.
5 qst202830_msg0005 84 Yes, me too! I'd like to do something nice for you!
6 qst202830_msg0006 84 Hmm, well... Let's see... I dunno, you kinda sprung this on me...
7 qst202830_msg0007 84 It doesn't have to be anything big. Just give us a hint!
8 qst202830_msg0008 84 Exactly, meh! Just think out loud!
9 qst202830_msg0009 84 Right, OK. In that case...
10 qst202830_msg0010 84 I'd like to find a rare mineral! Or something.
11 qst202830_msg0011 84 Rare mineral?
12 qst202830_msg0012 84 I'm actually an amateur rock hunter.
13 qst202830_msg0013 84 And, did you know?
14 qst202830_msg0014 84 When someone discovers a new stone, they get to name it whatever they want.
15 qst202830_msg0015 84 I always thought that was neat, so finding a new type of mineral is a dream of mine!
16 qst202830_msg0016 84 Huh! That's...kinda inspiring.
17 qst202830_msg0017 84 On the other hand, I can't imagine discovering a new mineral would be a simple thing to do...
18 qst202830_msg0018 84 Naturally! I know it won't be easy, sure I do.
19 qst202830_msg0019 84 It's just a dream, a vague hope. I'm not too hung up on it.
20 qst202830_msg0020 84 Nah, come on! We can do it! We can make your dream come true if we give it our best shot!
21 qst202830_msg0021 84 Nobody'd ever fulfill their dreams if we all gave up straight away, right?
22 qst202830_msg0022 84 Tora agree with Rex-Rex! Let's hunt rocks together as team!
23 qst202830_msg0023 84 Thanks so much, you guys!
24 qst202830_msg0024 84 But how we find rare mineral now?
25 qst202830_msg0025 84 Well, I heard a rumor it's not too hard to find unusual ore in the Old Quarry in Uraya.
26 qst202830_msg0026 84 If it's OK with you guys, why don't we go and check it out?
27 qst202830_msg0027 84 Sure, why not?
28 qst202830_msg0028 84 Let's go without dilly-dally!