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1 qst202829_msg0001 84 Friends want mineral appraising?
2 qst202829_msg0002 84 Appraise a mineral?
3 qst202829_msg0003 84 Yes
4 qst202829_msg0004 84 Not right now
5 qst202829_msg0005 84 Really?
6 qst202829_msg0006 84 Well, come back if ever need appraising services.
7 qst202829_msg0007 84 All right, time for see what we have here!
8 qst202829_msg0008 84 Hmmmm...
9 qst202829_msg0009 84 Meh-meh! This is Himahistone!
10 qst202829_msg0010 84 Is mineral discovered by Digidigi!
11 qst202829_msg0011 84 Apparently it named after girlfriend of Digidigi, name of Himahi.
12 qst202829_msg0012 84 Me just hope Digidigi not later break up with Himahi and regret naming decision.
13 qst202829_msg0013 84 This is Greenmarine, known as national gemstone of Gormott.
14 qst202829_msg0014 84 Is very beautiful jewel, and produces characteristic leafy pattern when soaked in water.
15 qst202829_msg0015 84 Very popular gemstone with ladies, so likely to fetch good price.
16 qst202829_msg0016 84 C-can this really be?! Is real Lightocyte crystal!
17 qst202829_msg0017 84 Lightocyte very rare mineral nowadays! Most treasure hunter never able to find!
18 qst202829_msg0018 84 Is said to be more beautiful than any other jewel, due to pathway of light visible inside crystal!
19 qst202829_msg0019 84 Friends take good care of this, mehopes!
20 qst202829_msg0020 84 Meh-meh... This unmistakably Trollenite.
21 qst202829_msg0021 84 Very strange mineral. For some reason every sample unearthed have shape of weird-looking humanoid giant.
22 qst202829_msg0022 84 Not most beautiful of minerals, but quite valuable for unique quality.
23 qst202829_msg0023 84 Yes yes yes... This mineral called Stormstone.
24 qst202829_msg0024 84 Stormstone has mysterious property of occasionally create mini tornado windy effect.
25 qst202829_msg0025 84 Quite popular in hot springs of Mor Ardain. Sink stone in water and pleasant bubbles rise up from below!
26 qst202829_msg0026 84 Ah yes... This one called Crystal Dome.
27 qst202829_msg0027 84 Very delicate formation, easy to break. Requires special care when excavating.
28 qst202829_msg0028 84 Dome contains reservoir of water with many small crystal fragment. Shake dome and it look like snowing!
29 qst202829_msg0029 84 Good for selling, but also good for displaying on desk or mantelpiece!
30 qst202829_msg0030 84 This known as Verdi Crystal.
31 qst202829_msg0031 84 Also known as Forest Jewel because of very beautiful green color.
32 qst202829_msg0032 84 Pippito monster especially fond of steal this jewel, so take extra care with storage.
33 qst202829_msg0033 84 Meh-meh! This is Lightning Pearl!
34 qst202829_msg0034 84 Also known as Titan Tear, because is only produced when lightning strike certain jellyfish-shape Titans.
35 qst202829_msg0035 84 Freshly-made Lightning Pearl is too sparky to touch for first few days.
36 qst202829_msg0036 84 So if friends find one in nature, take care with picking up!
37 qst202829_msg0037 84 Hm-hm-hm... This scent... Must be Yawn Lazuli!
38 qst202829_msg0038 84 Is somewhat unusual gemstone that smell of sunshine and happiness.
39 qst202829_msg0039 84 In Fonsett Village, is traditionally given to babies. Make them calm for naptime.
40 qst202829_msg0040 84 This is stone called Darkcyte.
41 qst202829_msg0041 84 Quite rare jewel, only found glowing softly in very dark place.
42 qst202829_msg0042 84 Is quite popular for use as charm to ward off evil spirits.
43 qst202829_msg0043 84 Meh-meh-meh! This is Absorp Quartz!
44 qst202829_msg0044 84 Has mysterious property of absorbing light from vicinity!
45 qst202829_msg0045 84 Is traded at high price due to difficulty of finding...
46 qst202829_msg0046 84 But also considered quite unlucky, so only handful of enthusiast willing to actually buy!
47 qst202829_msg0047 84 This one called Gong Crystal.
48 qst202829_msg0048 84 Known for produce strange ringing sound at certain interval, so quite easy to find if listen sharply.
49 qst202829_msg0049 84 There is certain romance to idea of stone with ancient sounds trapped inside. Friends agree?
50 qst202829_msg0050 84 Aha. This is Dusky Pearl.
51 qst202829_msg0051 84 Is interesting mineral that change color depending on environment.
52 qst202829_msg0052 84 This one very black, so must have come from Temperantia.
53 qst202829_msg0053 84 So... No new mineral this time. But if friends find any more mineral for appraising, please feel free to bring!
54 qst202829_msg0054 84 All mineral have value. Please take good care of minerals friends find.
55 qst202829_msg0055 84 Hmmm...
56 qst202829_msg0056 84 As to be expected, undiscovered mineral not show up very easy.
57 qst202829_msg0057 84 Maybe best bet for friends is to search in unexplored region.
58 qst202829_msg0058 84 Searching in same places as everyone else not likely to produce new finds.
59 qst202829_msg0059 84 But if friends could get to Titan that nobody ever visit before...
60 qst202829_msg0060 84 Have much better chance of discover brand-new mineral!
61 qst202829_msg0061 84 If friends ever visit such new place, be sure to collect mineral there.
62 qst202829_msg0062 84 If friends find unfamiliar type, me always happy to give appraisal.