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1 qst202803_msg0001 84 You're Misimisi? Hello there! We're here because Digidigi said...
2 qst202803_msg0002 84 Oh! Friend is Agate?
3 qst202803_msg0003 84 You know my name?
4 qst202803_msg0004 84 Me hear from Digidigi. He say you search for new mineral or some such.
5 qst202803_msg0005 84 Exactly! It's always been my dream to discover a brand-new type of mineral.
6 qst202803_msg0006 84 Normally, Misimisi have policy of refuse appraisal for walk-ins, but...
7 qst202803_msg0007 84 Digidigi vouch for you, so me make exception. Please no hesitate to bring minerals if you find any!
8 qst202803_msg0008 84 Me appraise for free, and even pay little something for it if friends bring something good.
9 qst202803_msg0009 84 Wahey! How generous!
10 qst202803_msg0010 84 Why so surprised? Stingy Nopon is rarity these days.
11 qst202803_msg0011 84 Master Tora, I think you meant the opposite of what you said...
12 qst202803_msg0012 84 Misimisi not speak to you! Friend Agate is exception, me said!
13 qst202803_msg0013 84 Thank you again!
14 qst202803_msg0014 84 I hope you like appraising stones, because I know I'll be bringing you lots!
15 qst202803_msg0015 84 But first I'll have to find them, the rare minerals from deposits all over the world...