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1 qst202802_msg0001 84 Hey, uh... Pardon me... Are you all right?
2 qst202802_msg0002 84 Of course me not 'all right'! Me got treated horrible!
3 qst202802_msg0003 84 Incidentally, what've you been doing in the ground there, guy?
4 qst202802_msg0004 84 Me not 'guy'! That offensive! Name is Digidigi!
5 qst202802_msg0005 84 And if friends must know, Digidigi do excavation here, day and night, in search of new kind of mineral!
6 qst202802_msg0006 84 Digidigi have hunch, see? Feel deep in bones that hereabouts, precious stone wait to be found...
7 qst202802_msg0007 84 Unfortunately, tunnel sort of collapse, and Digidigi get buried alive.
8 qst202802_msg0008 84 But friends re-excavate Digidigi! Digidigi grateful!
9 qst202802_msg0009 84 Not at all. It was a happy accident, really...
10 qst202802_msg0010 84 Back up a bit though. You said you were looking for a new mineral?
11 qst202802_msg0011 84 Indeed!
12 qst202802_msg0012 84 This area have lots of precious stone.
13 qst202802_msg0013 84 Not only that, but can also find crystallized remains of creatures from ancient time.
14 qst202802_msg0014 84 Digging up bodies sounds a bit yucky if you ask me...
15 qst202802_msg0015 84 No way, there's nothing yucky about it!
16 qst202802_msg0016 84 When ancient creatures' bones turn to stone or to crystal, they make really beautiful fossils.
17 qst202802_msg0017 84 Is that right? Huh! I had no idea.
18 qst202802_msg0018 84 So, Digidigi, what kinds of rocks have you found so far?
19 qst202802_msg0019 84 Friend want to know? Well, now, far be it for Digidigi to toot own horn, but...
20 qst202802_msg0020 84 Me discover two new kinds of mineral.
21 qst202802_msg0021 84 Two new kinds?!
22 qst202802_msg0022 84 Yes! Digidigite is one, and Himahistone is other.
23 qst202802_msg0023 84 Wow, those are some major minerals!
24 qst202802_msg0024 84 Yeah, even I've heard of Digidigite.
25 qst202802_msg0025 84 They find it here in Uraya sometimes, right?
26 qst202802_msg0026 84 Digidigi! I also want to discover a new mineral!
27 qst202802_msg0027 84 Please! Teach me the secret of mineral discovery!
28 qst202802_msg0028 84 Hmhmhm... Normally, Digidigi would never disclose secrets of art, but in this case...
29 qst202802_msg0029 84 Fellow rock hunter cannot be bad person! Also, me owe friends my life!
30 qst202802_msg0030 84 So, as exception, me will tell friends shortcut on road to become geologist extraordinaire.
31 qst202802_msg0031 84 Shortcut?
32 qst202802_msg0032 84 To find rare mineral, friends can't just look like for normal rock.
33 qst202802_msg0033 84 Instead, must seek out suspicious-looking deposits!
34 qst202802_msg0034 84 That's a good point... So far I've only looked in the most obvious places.
35 qst202802_msg0035 84 Then no wonder friend find nothing! Key is to search deposits which nobody else think to search!
36 qst202802_msg0036 84 Also one other thing. Once friend find rare stone, must confirm mineral is truly new discovery.
37 qst202802_msg0037 84 In Argentum Trade Guild live jeweler name Misimisi, who also do work as appraiser on side.
38 qst202802_msg0038 84 Misimisi appraise minerals that Digidigi excavate also. Then pay good money for said minerals.
39 qst202802_msg0039 84 Misimisi has eye for these things, maybe best in all of Alrest.
40 qst202802_msg0040 84 Wow, OK... So to recap, to find rare stones we should check deposits that nobody else would check...
41 qst202802_msg0041 84 and then take them to Misimisi in Argentum for appraisal, and that's the best way? All right.
42 qst202802_msg0042 84 Discovery of new minerals is battle against self.
43 qst202802_msg0043 84 Friends cannot give up, but also cannot rush. If friends stay true to path, success surely follow!
44 qst202802_msg0044 84 Digidigi see great things in future of friend Agate.
45 qst202802_msg0045 84 Thanks for the vote of confidence! I'll do my best, Master Digidigi!
46 qst202802_msg0046 84 Meheheh... Then job of Digidigi is done here, and me get back to previous job.
47 qst202802_msg0047 84 What say we go pay a visit to Misimisi in Argentum?
48 qst202802_msg0048 84 Sounds like a plan! We should introduce ourselves if we're gonna be working together.