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1 qst202713_msg0001 84 Meh-meh-meh! Why?! Why, meh?!
2 qst202713_msg0002 84 Germon only want to change this good-for-nothing rotten world!
3 qst202713_msg0003 84 So why you... Why you have to...
4 qst202713_msg0004 84 That there wasn't any sort of demon, just your garden variety monster.
5 qst202713_msg0005 84 It saw you on an empty stomach and decided to get a snack.
6 qst202713_msg0006 84 I can guarantee it wasn't trying to save the world or anything.
7 qst202713_msg0007 84 Me-mehhh...
8 qst202713_msg0008 84 But, hey... Do you really want to save the world?
9 qst202713_msg0009 84 Yes! That why Germon assemble young Nopon who still hope for better Alrest.
10 qst202713_msg0010 84 Well, you've got charisma, so there's that at least.
11 qst202713_msg0011 84 Next time, how 'bout you try changing the world yourself, instead of asking demons for help?
12 qst202713_msg0012 84 For my money, that's even cooler.
13 qst202713_msg0013 84 Meh-me-meh...
14 qst202713_msg0014 84 Sorry to interrupt your love-in, but did a Nopon called Mimin come here?
15 qst202713_msg0015 84 Mimin? There no littlepon by that name here.
16 qst202713_msg0016 84 Ugh, so where did she go...?
17 qst202713_msg0017 84 Maybe she join other branch of franchise?
18 qst202713_msg0018 84 ...I beg your pardon?
19 qst202713_msg0019 84 You mean there are other groups doing what you've been doing?
20 qst202713_msg0020 84 Precisely. Germon represent Ardainian branch.
21 qst202713_msg0021 84 Harbingers of Eschapon comprised three branches, changing world by summoning three demons.
22 qst202713_msg0022 84 Sad to say, management have little confidence in Germon, so this branch get weakest demon assignment...
23 qst202713_msg0023 84 To be fair, it's not like you were actually summoning anything...
24 qst202713_msg0024 84 So where are the other branches?
25 qst202713_msg0025 84 One is Gormott branch, me hear they meet to perform rite on far end of Wrecc Marshland.
26 qst202713_msg0026 84 As for other... Germon was not told, to reduce risk of information leak.
27 qst202713_msg0027 84 I see... The head of the Gormott branch would know, I suppose.
28 qst202713_msg0028 84 Then we should depart for Gormott, post-haste.
29 qst202713_msg0029 84 Right on...
30 qst202713_msg0030 84 We might find Mimin, and if this lot is anything to go by, she's bound to need saving from something peckish.
31 qst202713_msg0031 84 OK, let's head out.
32 qst202713_msg0032 84 Please wait! Germon greatly impressed by friend's coolness.
33 qst202713_msg0033 84 If it please friend, would friend consider to stay here and lead flock of Germon?
34 qst202713_msg0034 84 No way.
35 qst202713_msg0035 84 Why no way?!
36 qst202713_msg0036 84 First, I hate being put on a pedestal. Second, I've no interest in changing Alrest.
37 qst202713_msg0037 84 Mmehhh... Then what Germon do...?
38 qst202713_msg0038 84 I told you, didn't I? You can lead 'em, you've proven that. Just use it for good or something.
39 qst202713_msg0039 84 I'm sure you can change the world in some way, however small.
40 qst202713_msg0040 84 ...Germon understand. We try to start afresh.
41 qst202713_msg0041 84 Germon lead flock to greatness! No gods or demons, only Nopon!
42 qst202713_msg0042 84 Sounds great, guys. Do your model best.
43 qst202713_msg0043 84 So. Destination, Gormott, far end of Wrecc Marshland!