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1 qst202604_msg0001 84 We have conquered the enemy, Your Majesty. You need fear no longer.
2 qst202604_msg0002 84 Truly, I am grateful to you, from the bottom of my heart.
3 qst202604_msg0003 84 Where are all these monsters coming from, though?
4 qst202604_msg0004 84 First Tantal, now here... It's certainly a cause for concern.
5 qst202604_msg0005 84 The introduction of foreign species to endemic regions could wildly disrupt their ecosystems.
6 qst202604_msg0006 84 We've already identified where the Laias are coming from.
7 qst202604_msg0007 84 Really?!
8 qst202604_msg0008 84 Yes, a messenger from Temperantia arrived while you were out fighting.
9 qst202604_msg0009 84 Laias appear to have been spawning at an alarming rate at a place called Xataris Spring in Temperantia.
10 qst202604_msg0010 84 Temperantia, eh?
11 qst202604_msg0011 84 So they're born in Temperantia and then migrate to other Titans by air...
12 qst202604_msg0012 84 So they could be causing trouble in other countries too? This is bad...
13 qst202604_msg0021 84 Indeed. It seems that to address the heart of the matter, we'll have to rid Temperantia of its Laias.
14 qst202604_msg0022 84 Going up against those things isn't half exhausting, though...
15 qst202604_msg0023 84 But we have to do this. No one else can!
16 qst202604_msg0024 84 True enough. Shall we, then?
17 qst202604_msg0025 84 Sorry Herald, looks like our job's still not over yet.
18 qst202604_msg0026 84 That is fine by me...
19 qst202604_msg0027 84 The future of Alrest is in your hands. My thoughts go with you.
20 qst202604_msg0013 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Anger ]...!
21 qst202604_msg0014 84 [ML:Feeling kind=Think ]What...? What is this strange feeling...?
22 qst202604_msg0016 84 Don't tell me my power is...
23 qst202604_msg0017 84 [ML:Feeling ]Hey, Herald! We're leaving!
24 qst202604_msg0018 84 Ah, yes! Coming!