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1 qst202514_msg0001 84 Sorry for the wait, KOS-MOS. This is what I wanted to give you. It's a present!
2 qst202514_msg0002 84 This is for me?
3 qst202514_msg0003 84 Listen, while I was observing you, I noticed you didn't always have perfect control of your power.
4 qst202514_msg0004 84 It can't be easy to keep powers that strong under control all the time.
5 qst202514_msg0005 84 But if you use this device, it should be much easier to manage.
6 qst202514_msg0006 84 You'll be able to fight without worrying about keeping yourself in check all the time. I think it'll be really useful!
7 qst202514_msg0007 84 Astelle...!
8 qst202514_msg0008 84 Listen, KOS-MOS.
9 qst202514_msg0009 84 Abilities as powerful as yours are a very dangerous thing to have.
10 qst202514_msg0010 84 But I think you probably have them for a reason. The world needs that kind of strength right now.
11 qst202514_msg0011 84 King Eulogimenos and Emperor Niall both seem to think it's fine as long as your Driver keeps you in check...
12 qst202514_msg0012 84 But who wants to rely on a Driver for everything, right?
13 qst202514_msg0013 84 If you master the use of your own powers, you can become the ultimate Blade! Maybe even save Alrest!
14 qst202514_msg0014 84 Don't worry, I'm sure you'll do the right thing. And I'm your best friend, so I should know!
15 qst202514_msg0015 84 When did we become best friends...?
16 qst202514_msg0016 84 You just keep supporting these guys in their mission, OK, KOS-MOS?
17 qst202514_msg0017 84 I have a feeling if you help Rex and Nia and Mòrag and my uncle, you'll be able to save all of Alrest someday!
18 qst202514_msg0018 84 Understood.
19 qst202514_msg0019 84 Are you sure it is all right for me to accept this for nothing, though?
20 qst202514_msg0020 84 It's a gift from your best friend, right? Sure you should accept it.
21 qst202514_msg0021 84 Well, she's apparently your best friend! Who turns down a gift from a bestie?
22 qst202514_msg0022 84 When a good friend offers a gift, you should accept it gladly.
23 qst202514_msg0023 84 You two are good friends now, yeah? Then you should accept her gift!
24 qst202514_msg0024 84 Thank you, Astelle. I promise to make good use of it.
25 qst202514_msg0025 84 Thanks! Come by and visit any time, OK?
26 qst202514_msg0026 84 I promise I will visit. We are friends, after all.
27 qst202514_msg0027 84 Best friends, you mean!