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1 qst202513_msg0001 84 Welcome to my room!
2 qst202513_msg0002 84 Well, I don't actually live here as such. It's just where I'm staying while I'm here in Theoscaldia.
3 qst202513_msg0003 84 Isn't this some kind of storeroom?
4 qst202513_msg0004 84 It doesn't need to be fancy. A dingy old place like this is perfect for my experiments.
5 qst202513_msg0005 84 Dingy, she says...
6 qst202513_msg0006 84 Now, KOS-MOS, you just wait there a moment while I get everything ready.
7 qst202513_msg0007 84 As you wish, Astelle.
8 qst202513_msg0008 84 I just need to put the final touches on...