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1 qst202512_msg0001 84 KOS-MOS! Are you OK?! You're not hurt, are you?
2 qst202512_msg0002 84 I am quite all right. Are you unhurt, Astelle?
3 qst202512_msg0003 84 Yeah, I'm fine!
4 qst202512_msg0004 84 Not a scratch on me, thanks to you.
5 qst202512_msg0005 84 That is a relief to hear.
6 qst202512_msg0006 84 Um, KOS-MOS... I'm sorry!
7 qst202512_msg0007 84 It's all my fault that you got dragged into this mess...
8 qst202512_msg0008 84 I didn't mean for this to happen...
9 qst202512_msg0009 84 There is no need for concern. Protecting you is what I am here for.
10 qst202512_msg0010 84 But...
11 qst202512_msg0011 84 So, you get it now?
12 qst202512_msg0012 84 When you act selfish, you're not just endangering yourself. People who care about you could get hurt, too.
13 qst202512_msg0013 84 Maybe you'll think twice before demanding to come to a place like this again.
14 qst202512_msg0014 84 Yeah... I'm really sorry, guys!
15 qst202512_msg0015 84 No need for that. You've already been through enough here.
16 qst202512_msg0016 84 As long as you understand, that's all that matters.
17 qst202512_msg0017 84 Oh yeah, did you find what you were looking for in the end?
18 qst202512_msg0018 84 Uh-huh. Look, I have it right here.
19 qst202512_msg0019 84 This is...some kind of machine part?
20 qst202512_msg0020 84 Yeah.
21 qst202512_msg0021 84 Listen, KOS-MOS...
22 qst202512_msg0022 84 When we get back to Tantal, there's one more thing I'd like you to do...
23 qst202512_msg0023 84 Would you be OK with that?
24 qst202512_msg0024 84 You're still not done making demands?
25 qst202512_msg0025 84 That's not it! There's just...something I want to give to KOS-MOS.
26 qst202512_msg0026 84 So KOS-MOS, I'd like you to come to my room.
27 qst202512_msg0027 84 I promise I won't cause any more trouble! So...please?
28 qst202512_msg0028 84 What do you think, Zeke?
29 qst202512_msg0029 84 Well...I guess there's no harm in that.
30 qst202512_msg0030 84 Really?! Thanks, big bro!
31 qst202512_msg0031 84 I swear, you really pick your times to act all cutesy...
32 qst202512_msg0032 84 Are you fine with this too, KOS-MOS?
33 qst202512_msg0033 84 Yes. I see no problem.
34 qst202512_msg0034 84 Then let's head on back to Tantal.
35 qst202512_msg0035 84 My room's in the Hall of Reception. I'll see you there!