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1 qst202510_msg0001 84 Hey, big bro!
2 qst202510_msg0002 84 What is it?
3 qst202510_msg0003 84 You're all done with your job here now, right?
4 qst202510_msg0004 84 I guess so...we reported what we came here to report.
5 qst202510_msg0005 84 Take me to the Land of Morytha, then!
6 qst202510_msg0006 84 Not a chance.
7 qst202510_msg0007 84 Why not? You're free to go where you want now, right?
8 qst202510_msg0008 84 Like hell we're gonna take you to a dangerous place like that!
9 qst202510_msg0009 84 I thought you already gave up on that idea after my old man told you no, anyway?
10 qst202510_msg0010 84 "Gave up" is such a strong word.
11 qst202510_msg0011 84 I asked him to let me travel all of Alrest, and he said yes to that!
12 qst202510_msg0012 84 So naturally that means I can go to the Land of Morytha now, right?
13 qst202510_msg0013 84 That's some pretty strained logic.
14 qst202510_msg0014 84 You're pretty cunning for such a little lass.
15 qst202510_msg0015 84 Very promising young mind.
16 qst202510_msg0016 84 C'mon, you know you want to! Take me to the Land of Morytha!
17 qst202510_msg0017 84 I ain't budging! You can come up with all the silly loopholes you like, no still means no!
18 qst202510_msg0018 84're so useless! You stubborn prodigal old man!
19 qst202510_msg0019 84 Prodigal old...?! That's pretty rich, coming from the likes of you!
20 qst202510_msg0020 84 Why do you want to go to Morytha so bad, anyway?
21 qst202510_msg0021 84 It's not exactly what I'd call a fun place to visit.
22 qst202510_msg0022 84 You just don't appreciate it properly. Just to glimpse its landscape would be an immensely valuable experience!
23 qst202510_msg0023 84 And besides, it's a treasure trove of potential discoveries! So many things you'd never find anywhere else!
24 qst202510_msg0024 84 Initially, I just wanted to see the place, but as it turns out...there's something I really want to find there.
25 qst202510_msg0025 84 You don't understand what you're talking about!
26 qst202510_msg0026 84 The place is crawling with dangerous monsters, you realize that?
27 qst202510_msg0027 84 You're a kid without even a Blade to defend yourself. They'd gobble you up in two seconds flat.
28 qst202510_msg0028 84 How're you planning to search for anything in a place like that?
29 qst202510_msg0029 84 Then send KOS-MOS to protect me.
30 qst202510_msg0030 84 With her around, I'd be totally safe. Wouldn't I?
31 qst202510_msg0031 84 Where do you get off demanding stuff like that?!
32 qst202510_msg0032 84 The King told you to protect me, didn't he?
33 qst202510_msg0033 84 Sure, but he didn't tell us to indulge your crazy ideas!
34 qst202510_msg0034 84 I'm going whether you like it or not! You can't stop me, Uncle!
35 qst202510_msg0035 84 Not happening. End of story!
36 qst202510_msg0036 84 Hey, what do you think, KOS-MOS? You'll come with me, won't you?
37 qst202510_msg0037 84 I will obey whatever orders I am given.
38 qst202510_msg0038 84 See? KOS-MOS says she doesn't mind!
39 qst202510_msg0039 84 However, my first duty is to protect my master.
40 qst202510_msg0040 84 Protecting you would necessarily be a lower-priority task. Is that acceptable?
41 qst202510_msg0041 84 Huh?
42 qst202510_msg0042 84 There, you see?
43 qst202510_msg0043 84 You're not KOS-MOS's Driver, so you don't get to drag her around wherever!
44 qst202510_msg0044 84 Now quit being a stubborn little brat, and hurry on home to Tantal!
45 qst202510_msg0045 84 Y-you're wrong, all right?!
46 qst202510_msg0046 84 I may not be her Driver, but KOS-MOS is my friend!
47 qst202510_msg0047 84 KOS-MOS will protect me! I know she will!
48 qst202510_msg0048 84 Give it a rest already!
49 qst202510_msg0049 84 It's like watching two children fight...
50 qst202510_msg0050 84 Listen, Zeke, there's no point standing around arguing.
51 qst202510_msg0051 84 It seems pretty clear Astelle isn't going to back down any time soon.
52 qst202510_msg0052 84 Why don't we just give her a quick look at the Land of Morytha and then bring her straight back?
53 qst202510_msg0053 84 Seriously? I can't drag you guys all the way down there just to indulge the whims of some stubborn little girl...
54 qst202510_msg0054 84 It's not so much trouble. We owe His Majesty a favor, anyway.
55 qst202510_msg0055 84 But Astelle, if things look even the slightest bit dangerous, we're taking you straight out of there. Got that?
56 qst202510_msg0056 84 Sounds fine by me!
57 qst202510_msg0057 84 Shall we get going, then, KOS-MOS?