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1 qst202505_msg0001 84 I see...then the light that was reported coming from the World Tree was an attack performed by this Blade?
2 qst202505_msg0002 84 It is quite difficult to believe that a single Blade could produce such remarkable levels of energy...
3 qst202505_msg0003 84 You got that right. I saw it myself, and I still had trouble believing it!
4 qst202505_msg0004 84 But it's the truth.
5 qst202505_msg0005 84 Were it not for KOS-MOS's attack, we would all have been defeated by those rogue artificial Blades.
6 qst202505_msg0006 84 Hmmm... Well, as long as you have that power safely under control, I suppose it is not a problem.
7 qst202505_msg0007 84 Thank you for your explanation.
8 qst202505_msg0008 84 Regarding the artificial Blades, they are indeed a worrying development.
9 qst202505_msg0009 84 They are capable of flight, yes? It seems difficult to guarantee that they will remain on the World Tree.
10 qst202505_msg0010 84 There is a very real possibility that berserk artificial Blades could end up descending upon nearby nations.
11 qst202505_msg0011 84 True enough.
12 qst202505_msg0012 84 I will make use of the Tantal military and strengthen surveillance around the World Tree.
13 qst202505_msg0013 84 We are most grateful for your wise decision, Your Majesty.
14 qst202505_msg0014 84 However, I feel we will need the cooperation of the other nations in this matter.
15 qst202505_msg0015 84 What do you say, Lady Mòrag? Would you lend me your aid in this?
16 qst202505_msg0016 84 But of course.
17 qst202505_msg0017 84 I will report this incident to Mor Ardain, and advise His Majesty the Emperor to take suitable preventative action.
18 qst202505_msg0018 84 You have my thanks, Lady Mòrag. I leave the Emperor to you, then.
19 qst202505_msg0019 84 Ah yes, one more thing. There is a request I would like to make of you all.
20 qst202505_msg0020 84 A request?
21 qst202505_msg0021 84 What's all this about, then?
22 qst202505_msg0022 84 Enter, please.
23 qst202505_msg0023 84 Who's that?
24 qst202505_msg0024 84 Someone you know, Shellhead?
25 qst202505_msg0025 84 Hmmmm? Can't say I recognize her...
26 qst202505_msg0026 84 It is a pleasure to meet you, Uncle. My name is Astelle.
27 qst202505_msg0027 84 I hope we will get along!
28 qst202505_msg0028 84 U-Uncle?! What's going on here, Pops?!
29 qst202505_msg0029 84 This young lady is the daughter of your cousin.
30 qst202505_msg0030 84 It is perhaps no surprise that you were not aware of her existence.
31 qst202505_msg0031 84 She was born after you left this country, after all.
32 qst202505_msg0032 84 Strictly speaking, that makes us first cousins once removed. I hope you don't mind me addressing you as Uncle!
33 qst202505_msg0033 84 U-uh, I dunno what I'm really meant to do with a...niece, or cousin, or whatever you are...
34 qst202505_msg0034 84 Well, well, well. Isn't this the sweetest little family reunion...Uncle?
35 qst202505_msg0035 84 Shaddup, you!
36 qst202505_msg0036 84 Despite her youth, Astelle is something of a prodigy who has read all of the books in the Theosoir library.
37 qst202505_msg0037 84 I fear she may have begun to grow tired of living cooped up here in Tantal. She is quite the spirited young lady.
38 qst202505_msg0038 84 Most recently, she expressed a desire to explore the Land of Morytha.
39 qst202505_msg0039 84 Of course, I told her I could not possibly allow such a dangerous outing.
40 qst202505_msg0040 84 But now she is instead insisting on visiting all the other nations of Alrest, before they sink entirely.
41 qst202505_msg0041 84 I believe it was you who said I would do well to see the world, Your Majesty.
42 qst202505_msg0042 84 I am simply trying to live up to your expectations.
43 qst202505_msg0043 84 You see what I have to deal with?
44 qst202505_msg0044 84 I don't know where she gets this willful nature from, but once she sets her mind on something, there is no changing it.
45 qst202505_msg0045 84 As such, while I must apologize for the trouble...
46 qst202505_msg0046 84 Might I ask you to take her with you on your trip to Mor Ardain?
47 qst202505_msg0047 84 Take this girl with us on some international tour?
48 qst202505_msg0048 84 We're not just traveling for the fun of it, you know!
49 qst202505_msg0049 84 I am quite aware of that, thank you very much.
50 qst202505_msg0050 84 But you needn't worry about me. I won't cause any trouble.
51 qst202505_msg0051 84 In fact, I might be able to assist you in some way, Uncle!
52 qst202505_msg0052 84 E-enough with the uncle thing! Can't I at least be, like...a big brother or something?!
53 qst202505_msg0053 84 Oh, if you insist. Let's have a lovely trip together, "big bro"!
54 qst202505_msg0054 84 ...
55 qst202505_msg0055 84 Wow, Shellhead. I didn't know you were into that.
56 qst202505_msg0056 84 Um, my Prince? Forgive my saying so,'re creeping me out a little.
57 qst202505_msg0057 84 Oh, for the...!
58 qst202505_msg0058 84 Hey, what's your name?
59 qst202505_msg0059 84 I am KOS-MOS.
60 qst202505_msg0060 84 Cosmos? That's a funny sort of name.
61 qst202505_msg0061 84 You're a Blade, are you?
62 qst202505_msg0062 84 Yes.
63 qst202505_msg0063 84 That's a pretty unusual body you've got there.
64 qst202505_msg0064 84 It's almost like you're part machine. Are the machine parts and human parts connected somehow?
65 qst202505_msg0065 84 Do you...have some kind of problem with my body?
66 qst202505_msg0066 84 Problem? No, no problem.
67 qst202505_msg0067 84 Hey, would you mind if I tinkered around with the bits inside?
68 qst202505_msg0068 84 I cannot permit that.
69 qst202505_msg0069 84 Even if my Master were to order me directly, I could not comply.
70 qst202505_msg0070 84 I thought you might say that... A shame, a shame.
71 qst202505_msg0071 84 Oh, well! It's going to be a pleasure traveling with you, KOS-MOS!
72 qst202505_msg0072 84 I look forward to it, Astelle.
73 qst202505_msg0073 84 Shall we leave at once, then?
74 qst202505_msg0074 84 Come on, "big bro," you lead the way!
75 qst202505_msg0075 84 Urkkk...
76 qst202505_msg0076 84 What're you making that look for... "big bro"?
77 qst202505_msg0077 84 We're leaving you behind, "big bro"!
78 qst202505_msg0078 84 Will you all give it a rest already!