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1 qst202503_msg0001 84 92% of enemy forces neutralized. Remaining enemy forces incapable of proceeding with combat.
2 qst202503_msg0002 84 Any risk of reinforcements?
3 qst202503_msg0003 84 A search of the area reveals no sign of new units emerging.
4 qst202503_msg0004 84 I...incredible... We really take out all those enemies...
5 qst202503_msg0005 84 You say "we"... Mostly it was down to that crazy power of KOS-MOS's.
6 qst202503_msg0006 84 It really was crazy powerful. I've never seen anything like it.
7 qst202503_msg0007 84 I merely selected the optimal course of action after analyzing all alternatives.
8 qst202503_msg0008 84 Was my solution excessive?
9 qst202503_msg0009 84 No, did fine.
10 qst202503_msg0010 84 Yeah, if it weren't for you we'd never have beaten that lot!
11 qst202503_msg0011 84 Thank you very much.
12 qst202503_msg0012 84 That attack you used, though... I wouldn't be surprised if it was detected in neighboring countries.
13 qst202503_msg0013 84 Yeah, I reckon that light will have been visible from Tantal and Mor Ardain at least.
14 qst202503_msg0014 84 Um, so have we accidentally caused a bit of an international commotion?
15 qst202503_msg0015 84 The national leaders may need to be warned about these artificial Blades, as well.
16 qst202503_msg0016 84 Perhaps our next course of action should be to report in to King Eulogimenos.
17 qst202503_msg0017 84 Yeah, we'd better explain ourselves and clear up any misunderstandings.
18 qst202503_msg0018 84 My old man can get pretty antsy. Let's head to Theoscaldia Palace and set his mind at ease.