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1 qst202406_0010 82 Ohh, nononononono! Terrible news! Tirkin launch attack on us!
2 qst202406_0020 82 The Tirkin?!
3 qst202406_0030 82 Are they even capable of organizing an attack?!
4 qst202406_0040 82 We get shipment on deck, giant box. Then all of sudden, Tirkin leap out!
5 qst202406_0050 82 It completely unheard of! Whole of Goldmouth in total uproar!
6 qst202406_0060 82 Hey! Hey, Nora. What do you think might be for dinner?
7 qst202406_0070 82 Nora not know. Tora not know either!
8 qst202406_0080 82 I'm really in something like a Stuffed Meaty Carrot mood.
9 qst202406_0090 82 Ah, so tasty...
10 qst202406_0100 82 Yeah! Sometimes I dream about being buried in a pile of Stuffed Meaty Carrots.
11 qst202406_0110 82 Please focus, you two. We do not have time for this inanity!
12 qst202406_0120 82 This very serious situation!
13 qst202406_0130 82 If Tirkin go wild in Goldmouth, business in deep deep trouble!
14 qst202406_0140 82 This no time to be thinking about that!
15 qst202406_0150 82 It extremely dangerous to stay here. Must evacuate immediately!
16 qst202406_0160 82 Fool of a pon!
17 qst202406_0170 82 Merchant without shop is like fish without water. Noganga not move one inch!
18 qst202406_0180 82 This all happen because you too weak and you not shooshoo Tirkin!
19 qst202406_0190 82 It all your fault!
20 qst202406_0200 82 Think of victims and lost revenue! Noganga expect Drivers to clean up own mess!
21 qst202406_0210 82 It seems we've no choice but to step in.
22 qst202406_0220 82 Tirkin surely here to take revenge on you!
23 qst202406_0230 82 Especially birdbrain! Birdbrain need to take responsibility!
24 qst202406_0240 82 Huh? Do I really?
25 qst202406_0250 82 But I don't even remember what I did... I...guess it could've been our fault?
26 qst202406_0260 82 Whoa whoa whoa. Don't let 'em pin this on us.
27 qst202406_0270 82 Anyway, this is no time for chitchat. We've gotta minimize the casualties!
28 qst202406_0280 82 Come on, let's move, people!
29 qst202406_0290 82 That what Noganga like to see!
30 qst202406_0300 82 Come on, Finch. We need to clear out the Tirkin and save everyone on the ship!
31 qst202406_0310 82 Jeez, do we have to? I feel like we're just being roped into this...