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1 qst202405_msg0001 84 Hey, is this your missing Nopon Trade Guild ID?
2 qst202405_msg0002 84 Yes! That Noganga's ID! Cannot believe you really did it.
3 qst202405_msg0003 84 So you'll admit that I'm smarter than a Tirkin?
4 qst202405_msg0004 84 Yes, even though look just like one you definitely better than birdbrain!
5 qst202405_msg0005 84 But how did you get ID back?
6 qst202405_msg0006 84 Uh, well...
7 qst202405_msg0007 84 We...uh...with the thing...and the other thing...
8 qst202405_msg0008 84 Finch totally forgot...
9 qst202405_msg0009 84 Completely Tirkin after all! ...No, actually, even more birdbrain than that!
10 qst202405_msg0010 84 There something wondrous about brain like yours. Cannot believe it exist.
11 qst202405_msg0011 84 Oh my word, I'm blushing! What a compliment!
12 qst202405_msg0012 84 It wasn't compliment!