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1 qst202403_msg0001 84 That Nopon Trade Guild ID should be around here somewhere.
2 qst202403_msg0002 84 Hey, look! Look at this! I found a weird-shaped stone.
3 qst202403_msg0022 84 Uh, did you forget what we were looking for?
4 qst202403_msg0023 84 Uhh... Errr...
5 qst202403_msg0024 84 We're looking for Noganga's stolen Nopon Trade Guild ID.
6 qst202403_msg0025 84 That certainly sounds familiar...
7 qst202403_msg0003 84 Intruders! What you doing, craa?!
8 qst202403_msg0004 84 We've been spotted! Battle stations, everyone!
9 qst202403_msg0005 84 ...They're not attacking.
10 qst202403_msg0006 84 What's going on? Is it a trap of some kind?
11 qst202403_msg0007 84 Kountess! We find kountess, craa!
12 qst202403_msg0008 84 Kountess return!
13 qst202403_msg0009 84 Must tell King!
14 qst202403_msg0010 84 But King already gone to Argentum, craa!
15 qst202403_msg0011 84 You right!
16 qst202403_msg0012 84 But kountess returned! Craa! Craa! Craa!
17 qst202403_msg0013 84 Craa! Craa! Craa!
18 qst202403_msg0014 84 What's going on? I'm not a Tirkin!
19 qst202403_msg0015 84 Don't be silly, kountess! We know you anywhere!
20 qst202403_msg0016 84 Kountess!
21 qst202403_msg0017 84 W-wait just a second! Stop squawking for a minute!
22 qst202403_msg0018 84 I have no idea what's going on here.
23 qst202403_msg0019 84 Looks like they have Finch confused for somebody else? I think?
24 qst202403_msg0020 84 Seems to be it. At any rate, we won't find that Nopon Trade Guild ID like this.
25 qst202403_msg0021 84 I feel bad for the Tirkin, but we're going to have to quieten them down the hard way.