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1 qst202305_msg001 84 Excuse me, my Prince... Did you perchance mention a "sealed-up legendary beast"?
2 qst202305_msg002 84 Huh? Sorry, mate. Do I know you?
3 qst202305_msg003 84 Apologies, my Prince. My name is Zaman. I'm a wandering bard.
4 qst202305_msg004 84 There's actually a song about a legendary sealed-up beast in the corpus of poetry that I hold dear.
5 qst202305_msg005 84 I was reminded of it when I heard you speak of it... Your stentorian tones certainly carry, my Prince!
6 qst202305_msg006 84 You've heard of it?!
7 qst202305_msg007 84 What does it say about it in this song of yours?
8 qst202305_msg008 84 Ahem. It is the epic tale of a band of heroes who sealed away the infamous and vile creature...
9 qst202305_msg009 84 The heroes set out, together with their loyal Blades and many allies...
10 qst202305_msg010 84 But the beast was strong! Its vile power was the sort that could grind a whole nation to dust!
11 qst202305_msg011 84 For this reason, they called the fiend "Thanatobeast Andraz".
12 qst202305_msg012 84 Wow! What a cool name! It must have really been something!
13 qst202305_msg013 84 The mighty heroes commanded great power. Yet, it was not enough to fell the beast with finality.
14 qst202305_msg014 84 They laid down their lives, but all they could do was seal it away.
15 qst202305_msg015 84 In the song, they used four sealstones to bind its monstrosity.
16 qst202305_msg016 84 So that it remained locked away, they hid the stones in four different lands.
17 qst202305_msg017 84 OK! Great! So where do I find these stones, then?
18 qst202305_msg018 84 Well, according to the song...
19 qst202305_msg019 84 One, the stone of earth, is in a land of verdant forest; another, the stone of fire, in a sweltering waste.
20 qst202305_msg020 84 The stone of water abides in the watery land of eternal spring. The last, of wind, in a tiny country blessed by sea breeze.
21 qst202305_msg021 84 That's what the song says, anyway!
22 qst202305_msg022 84 So what are we waiting for? Let's go and find those stones!
23 qst202305_msg023 84 Erm... May I ask... What will you do if you find those stones?
24 qst202305_msg024 84 That's easy.
25 qst202305_msg025 84 We'll smash them, and bring Thanatobeast Andraz back to life!
26 qst202305_msg026 84 Then I'll smash him up till he's well and truly decked!
27 qst202305_msg027 84 You mean you're going to defeat Thanatobeast Andraz?
28 qst202305_msg028 84 Ahahahaha! That is really very amusing!
29 qst202305_msg029 84 You must be the very first person I've met who's taken that old tale seriously.
30 qst202305_msg030 84 Yeah, I believe it. Mythra here had heard of it, too.
31 qst202305_msg031 84 By the way, where is this thing sealed away exactly?
32 qst202305_msg032 84 Maybe there's a hint about that in the song or something?
33 qst202305_msg033 84 Ah...indeed...
34 qst202305_msg034 84 So...what is it?
35 qst202305_msg035 84 Actually...I forgot.
36 qst202305_msg036 84 What? How could you forget the most important part?
37 qst202305_msg037 84 To be honest, I never thought anyone would want to find it...
38 qst202305_msg038 84 But, have no fear! I believe my old mentor will know the rest of the song!
39 qst202305_msg039 84 I'll ask him about it before you remove the four seals.
40 qst202305_msg040 84 When you've done that, meet me at Anastatia's.
41 qst202305_msg041 84 OK! We'd better start looking for these stones then!
42 qst202305_msg042 84 May you be successful!