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1 qst202304_msg001 84 It's a pretty humongous library, right? There's more than ten million books here, y'know.
2 qst202304_msg002 84 Well, I don't know much about this kind of thing, but it sounds like a lot!
3 qst202304_msg003 84 This place has basically got every single book, from every time and place. If there's a clue, it must be here.
4 qst202304_msg004 84 Yeah! No doubt! You hear that, mega-beast? We're comin' for ya!
5 qst202304_msg005 84 Hey, why don't we split up and look for it?
6 qst202304_msg006 84 *sigh*
7 qst202304_msg007 84 All that searching turned up nothing...
8 qst202304_msg008 84 Sorry about that, Zenobia.
9 qst202304_msg009 84 No, it's hardly your fault, Pandoria. It's fine.
10 qst202304_msg010 84 Wow, she sounds seriously gutted...
11 qst202304_msg011 84 I guess getting your hopes up that high only sets you up for disappointment...
12 qst202304_msg012 84 Ah, Zenobia. It breaks my heart to see you so crestfallen.
13 qst202304_msg013 84 Someone must know about this sealed-up legendary beast! Wouldn't be much of a legend if they didn't...