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1 qst202210_msg001 84 Hey, it's the sparky girl!
2 qst202210_msg002 84 Mm?
3 qst202210_msg003 84 You gonna zap poor Izzi again?!
4 qst202210_msg004 84 Izzi is kid that Electra zap before?
5 qst202210_msg005 84 Yeah. Poor little dizzy Izzi!
6 qst202210_msg006 84 Uh, actually I'm here to apologize to him. D'you know where he is?
7 qst202210_msg007 84 Yeah, right, I bet you just wanna zap him again!
8 qst202210_msg008 84 It OK now! Electra learn to control zappy-zaps. No more buzzy-buzzy!
9 qst202210_msg009 84 ...What, really?
10 qst202210_msg010 84 It true. Electra try to help friends with powers, not hurt.
11 qst202210_msg019 84 Whole reason why Argentum look sparkly-sparkly because of Electra!
12 qst202210_msg020 84 Oh yeah, I heard about that. I wish I could've seen it...
13 qst202210_msg011 84 OK then, I'll trust you.
14 qst202210_msg012 84 But hang on, Izzi's not around right now.
15 qst202210_msg013 84 Can you tell me where he is then?
16 qst202210_msg014 84 He said he was gonna collect some rare bugs or something? I dunno.
17 qst202210_msg015 84 He went off towards Koorell Pool, so he's probably there?
18 qst202210_msg016 84 Great, thanks! I'm gonna go look for him now!
19 qst202210_msg017 84 Fair enough. Just promise you two are gonna make up, OK?
20 qst202210_msg018 84 Sure thing! Promise!