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1 qst202207_msg001 84 Hey, 'scuse me...
2 qst202207_msg002 84 Hmm? Whassat?
3 qst202207_msg003 84 Y'know the boy I zapped the other day? Have you seen him around?
4 qst202207_msg004 84 Ohh! You're that sparky girl! You lookin' for Izzi, then?
5 qst202207_msg005 84 Izzi... That's his name?
6 qst202207_msg006 84 Yeh. He's usually playin' around about here...but I s'pose he's not comin' today.
7 qst202207_msg007 84 OK, guess we'll have to look someplace else then.
8 qst202207_msg008 84 Yeh. Bye-bye, sparky girl!