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1 qst202206_msg001 84 It's beautiful. I've never seen anything like it...
2 qst202206_msg002 84 I know, right? And we've got Electra to thank for this one!
3 qst202206_msg003 84 Aww, gee... Thanks so much!
4 qst202206_msg004 84 Think you're starting to get the hang of controlling your power now, Electra?
5 qst202206_msg005 84 Yeah, I'm totally fine with it now! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
6 qst202206_msg006 84 Like, sooo much!
7 qst202206_msg007 84 Oh, we didn't do all that much, really.
8 qst202206_msg008 84 I was gonna say! You're the one that made this happen, Electra.
9 qst202206_msg009 84 Mmmm...nope! You were all helping me out from the get-go. I couldn't've done it without you guys!
10 qst202206_msg010 84 *sniffle...*
11 qst202206_msg011 84 Whoa, hold on. Are you crying there, Shellhead?!
12 qst202206_msg012 84 I just... This must be how it feels to see my own daughter growing up...
13 qst202206_msg013 84 Daughter? I think you've got marriage to worry about first there, buddy!
14 qst202206_msg014 84 You overcame your own shortcomings, Electra. You're already coming along in leaps and bounds.
15 qst202206_msg015 84 You've really done incredibly well.
16 qst202206_msg016 84 Thanks! I guess I do try!
17 qst202206_msg017 84 So can I, uh...ask you something?
18 qst202206_msg018 84 Sure.
19 qst202206_msg019 84 Remember that kid who started crying 'cos of me back in Torigoth?
20 qst202206_msg020 84 The one you zapped, yeah?
21 qst202206_msg021 84 I kinda ran away 'cos I didn't like my own powers back then...
22 qst202206_msg022 84 But now, I feel like I should apologize to the boy. If he starts crying again, I want to help him this time.
23 qst202206_msg023 84 I get it. All right, let's go and look for him!
24 qst202206_msg024 84 What, really?!
25 qst202206_msg025 84 Really. And this time, you can show him just how far you've grown!
26 qst202206_msg026 84 Eeeeee, thank yooou!
27 qst202206_msg027 84 We'll probably have to ask around Torigoth to work out where the kid is. That fine with you?
28 qst202206_msg029 84 Totally!