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1 qst202101_0010 82 Astounding! Stupendous! What a momentous find!
2 qst202101_0020 82 Gah! ...You gave me a jump.
3 qst202101_0030 82 Please, listen! This may well be the discovery of the century!
4 qst202101_0040 82 Look, just chill out for a second, Adenine.
5 qst202101_0050 82 What's all this about?
6 qst202101_0060 82 Oh, ah... Please excuse me. I got a little excited, I suppose...
7 qst202101_0070 82 I've been reading through all the Tomes of Morytha we collected, and...
8 qst202101_0080 82 After deciphering all four volumes, it seems...!
9 qst202101_0090 82 It seems...?
10 qst202101_0100 82 It seems!
11 qst202101_0110 82 They reveal the location of a long-lost ancient stone tablet!
12 qst202101_0120 82 That sounds...dull. All that reading and that's what you got?
13 qst202101_0130 82 Now now, isn't that enough? It's knowledge from the past!
14 qst202101_0140 82 So... What kind of thing is this ancient tablet?
15 qst202101_0150 82 Well, seeing as how the books are known as "Tomes of Morytha"...
16 qst202101_0160 82 I imagine it would contain wisdom from Morytha.
17 qst202101_0170 82 In other words, ancient knowledge on a slab! The greatest treasure known to man!
18 qst202101_0180 82 Cool, huh? Are you all excited yet?
19 qst202101_0190 82 Why don't we go looking for it together?!
20 qst202101_0200 82 ...That does sound interesting. I think we should do it, Rex.
21 qst202101_0210 82 I didn't think you'd be so keen, Pyra.
22 qst202101_0220 82 Well, I mean... It's like a treasure hunt, no?
23 qst202101_0230 82 Uh, yeah I guess. Sure, let's get preparations in order and go!
24 qst202101_0240 82 Oh boy!
25 qst202101_0250 82 Yeah! Woo! I knew you'd agree! Thank you, friends!
26 qst202101_0260 82 Right! Fortune favors the bold! Let's go!
27 qst202101_0270 82 No, see, I said "preparations", didn't I...?