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1 qst202016_msg0001 84 Hello? Who are you...?
2 qst202016_msg0002 84 Oh, from Daddy? Well, thanks for this. Must've been quite a trek.
3 qst202016_msg0011 84 Golden bracers... I remember hearing about these when I was a kid.
4 qst202016_msg0003 84 Daddy and Vess are still their same old selves, I take it? I haven't seen them for yonks.
5 qst202016_msg0004 84 Don't tell me - Vess is still making her same old dumplings?
6 qst202016_msg0005 84 Me and my sister used to love those.
7 qst202016_msg0006 84 We ought to all get together again sometime. I'd love to see Vess again.
8 qst202016_msg0007 84 Oh, yeah...
9 qst202016_msg0008 84 Could you pass this onto Daddy for me? It's an accessory. I made it myself.
10 qst202016_msg0009 84 He'll probably never use it, but at least it'll remind him how we are.
11 qst202016_msg0010 84 Thanks a lot.
12 qst202016_msg101 84 Vess is the only mother we ever really knew. She was always there for us.
13 qst202016_msg102 84 She's such an important person to us.
14 qst202016_msg103 84 I can almost taste her dumplings now. Mmmm...