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1 qst202011_msg001 84 We gave her the Fruity Rice Ball.
2 qst202011_msg002 84 She said she give you big telling off later!
3 qst202011_msg003 84 I still think you made her day, though.
4 qst202011_msg004 84 Heck, there's no getting past her, is there? I'll have to brace myself then, won't I? Ha ha ha!
5 qst202011_msg005 84 Urrggh *cough cough hack*
6 qst202011_msg006 84 Hey! Are you OK, mister?
7 qst202011_msg007 84 *cough cough splutter*
8 qst202011_msg008 84 Me go call Vess!
9 qst202011_msg009 84 W-wait! *cough cough* I'll be... *pant pant* I'll be fine...
10 qst202011_msg010 84 There's no use worrying the lass. I'd appreciate it if you could keep this quiet from her.
11 qst202011_msg011 84 Yeah, but...
12 qst202011_msg012 84 I'm fine. Don't you worry, I'm not going to keel over and kick the bucket just yet.
13 qst202011_msg013 84 That reminds me... Mind if I bother you with one more little errand?
14 qst202011_msg014 84 You want us to get some medicine?
15 qst202011_msg015 84 Medicine? No. Let's see... It was about...30 years ago now, back when I was still serving.
16 qst202011_msg016 84 Me and Vess, we got our hands on a pair of golden bracers.
17 qst202011_msg017 84 Whoa!
18 qst202011_msg018 84 Yeah. A rare find, isn't it?
19 qst202011_msg019 84 We were never particularly pressed for money back in those days, so we decided to hide 'em.
20 qst202011_msg020 84 I want you to bring 'em back for me.
21 qst202011_msg021 84 OK, can do. Where did you put them?
22 qst202011_msg022 84 In the Fief of Forgetfulness in Mor Ardain.
23 qst202011_msg023 84 Thing is, according to Vess...
24 qst202011_msg024 84 According to Vess...?
25 qst202011_msg025 84 Ah, perfect timing! I was asking Rex here if he wouldn't mind fetching those old bracers we buried back in the day.
26 qst202011_msg026 84 In the Fief of Forgetfulness, wasn't it?
27 qst202011_msg027 84 No, no, I think you've gotten mixed up.
28 qst202011_msg028 84 It was at the Ruins of Fountain Park in the Kingdom of Uraya, as I recall.
29 qst202011_msg029 84 Oh, er...was it? I don't remember burying them there...
30 qst202011_msg030 84 No, I'm positive. It was definitely in Uraya.
31 qst202011_msg031 84 Hmm...
32 qst202011_msg032 84 Oh, I don't know any more. Check the both of those places and they'll turn up eventually!
33 qst202011_msg033 84 Wow. Talk about careless...
34 qst202011_msg034 84 Well if he can't remember, I guess there's no way around it. We'll just have to check both of those places out.