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1 qst202007_0010 82 We're back again!
2 qst202007_0020 82 Mmgh?! *cough*
3 qst202007_0030 82 Just waltz in unannounced, why don't you!
4 qst202007_0040 82 Oh, sorry...
5 qst202007_0050 82 It's just that Vess asked us to fetch some firewood...
6 qst202007_0060 82 Oh she did, did she? Well, good on you kids. You can leave it over there for now.
7 qst202007_0070 82 Hey, what was that you were up to just now?
8 qst202007_0080 82 Eh? What was what?
9 qst202007_0090 82 Well, it seemed as if you had swallowed something in your surprise.
10 qst202007_0100 82 Nothing gets past you lot, does it?
11 qst202007_0110 82 I happened to be eating an Urayan delicacy. Choclit, they call it.
12 qst202007_0120 82 Choclit?! Is it tasty?
13 qst202007_0130 82 Oh, you have no idea!
14 qst202007_0140 82 Creamy sweetness with a note of bitter almonds, intermingling in perfect harmony.
15 qst202007_0150 82 One bite of the stuff and you'll never go back!
16 qst202007_0160 82 It sound so tasty, Tora already losing mouthwater!
17 qst202007_0170 82 Tora want to try it!
18 qst202007_0180 82 Dear oh dear...
19 qst202007_0190 82 Mabon, how old are you? Eating choclit in secret again, like a naughty schoolchild.
20 qst202007_0200 82 Ah... Vess?! No, it's not what you think!
21 qst202007_0210 82 Haha, I don't think so.
22 qst202007_0220 82 How many times have I told you? You mustn't eat it all at once!
23 qst202007_0230 82 Uh, well, you see, the thing is...
24 qst202007_0240 82 You know, that Vess's got quite a presence sometimes, doesn't she?
25 qst202007_0250 82 You can say that again. I'd hate to get on her bad side.
26 qst202007_0260 82 You can't eat so much of this stuff, or your health is going to suffer!
27 qst202007_0270 82 I'll take these, thank-you-very-much!
28 qst202007_0280 82 Aww. But... But...
29 qst202007_0290 82 There's no use looking at me like that. I'm not falling for your tricks ever again.
30 qst202007_0300 82 Hmph! Spoilsport.
31 qst202007_0310 82 Now, come on! Don't be like that. Whatever will our guests think?
32 qst202007_0320 82 Come, everyone. Dinner is served!
33 qst202007_0330 82 ...Are these dumplings?
34 qst202007_0340 82 ...They are indeed dumplings.
35 qst202007_0350 82 Uhh...isn't there anything else?
36 qst202007_0360 82 ...Where is rest of food?
37 qst202007_0370 82 Ha, I'm afraid that's all there is.
38 qst202007_0380 82 So we've been dumped with nothing but dumplings...
39 qst202007_0390 82 Correct. Just dumplings tonight. After all, they are my specialty.
40 qst202007_0400 82 You should try them. They're delish, really!
41 qst202007_0410 82 Second-best thing I ever tasted!
42 qst202007_0420 82 Only second-best?
43 qst202007_0430 82 Yeah, first one being choclit, by a mile!
44 qst202007_0440 82 Oh do give it a rest, Mabon. It's bad manners.
45 qst202007_0450 82 Ah, please, feel free to tuck in. Help yourselves!
46 qst202007_0460 82 Hrmmm...
47 qst202007_0470 82 This delicious!
48 qst202007_0480 82 Listen to Tora. It's not half bad!
49 qst202007_0490 82 It's seasoned with just enough salt.