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1 qst202003_msg0001 84 So you're fetching firewood for Vess, eh?
2 qst202003_msg0002 84 Tch, and here I was looking forward to saying hello to her...
3 qst202003_msg0004 84 Kidding, kidding. My humor's a little on the dry side.
4 qst202003_msg0005 84 Just head over to the scrap wood pile. You'll find plenty of firewood there. Help yourselves.
5 qst202003_msg0006 84 Incidentally, how's the old man keeping? Still his sprightly self?
6 qst202003_msg0007 84 Good to hear, good to hear.
7 qst202003_msg0008 84 I owe a lot to Mabon, way back when.
8 qst202003_msg0009 84 He's Ardainian, himself, but he moved here to Torigoth of his own accord.
9 qst202003_msg0010 84 Up until recently, he was teaching Gormotti Drivers how to handle themselves.
10 qst202003_msg0011 84 But his body couldn't keep up with it. Hell of a thing, old age.
11 qst202003_msg0012 84 Anyway, I'd better let you go. Best not keep Vess waiting, eh?