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1 qst202002_msg0001 84 Oh, hello again!
2 qst202002_msg0002 84 Mm? Visitors?
3 qst202002_msg0003 84 Indeed! These sweet people were kind enough to help me with the shopping. I thought we might treat them to a meal.
4 qst202002_msg0004 84 Eh, what the heck. Grub's better when you can enjoy it in good company. Make yourselves at home.
5 qst202002_msg0005 84 This is Mabon, my Driver.
6 qst202002_msg0006 84 He's not the spring chicken he used to be, but he was once quite the formidable warrior, believe it or not!
7 qst202002_msg0007 84 I suppose you could call this his retirement home. Just don't tell him that, tee hee...
8 qst202002_msg0008 84 Vess sound very happy.
9 qst202002_msg0009 84 You can tell they get on well together.
10 qst202002_msg0010 84 I'll start preparing dinner then, shall I? Won't be long!
11 qst202002_msg0011 84 Is there anything we can help you with?
12 qst202002_msg0012 84 Oh, well now that you mention it...
13 qst202002_msg0013 84 How about fetching us some firewood?
14 qst202002_msg0014 84 Firewood. Got it!
15 qst202002_msg0015 84 Just talk to Dward down at Saets Lumber Co. He's always happy to give us some.
16 qst202002_msg0016 84 Thank you so much for all this!