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1 qst202001_msg001 84 Oh my... Well, this is a bit of a sticky situation, isn't it?
2 qst202001_msg101 84 Um, can I help you?
3 qst202001_msg002 84 Oh! Hello there!
4 qst202001_msg003 84 You don't often see a Blade wandering about on her own. Where's your Driver?
5 qst202001_msg004 84 My name is Vess. As it happens, I'm actually a Blade.
6 qst202001_msg005 84 Um, yeah, I literally just said that...
7 qst202001_msg006 84 You seemed to be worrying about something. Anything we can do?
8 qst202001_msg007 84 Yes, well...I came here to do some shopping, but they don't have what I'm looking for in stock...
9 qst202001_msg008 84 And since Mor Ardain are regulating what gets through to Gormott...
10 qst202001_msg009 84 there are a lot of products that don't make it to the marketplace.
11 qst202001_msg010 84 I know! Would you mind terribly picking out some ingredients for me?
12 qst202001_msg011 84 I would go myself, but I don't really have the luxury of straying too far.
13 qst202001_msg012 84 Please. I'd be very grateful.
14 qst202001_msg013 84 Sure, I don't mind. So what's this fancy stuff you're after?
15 qst202001_msg014 84 Oh, I'm not sure you could call it fancy per se...
16 qst202001_msg015 84 I'm looking for 5 clumps of Salty Soil, 8 portions of Gromrice, and 5 Ruby Mangosteens.
17 qst202001_msg016 84 I'm always in the area, so just come back here when you're done.
18 qst202001_msg017 84 Tora understand. Will be waiting here too.