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1 qst201915_msg0001 84 Ah yes... We have listened to the trials and tribulations of these poor children.
2 qst201915_msg0002 84 And we intend to help each and every one.
3 qst201915_msg0003 84 What?! How many are we talking here?
4 qst201915_msg0004 84 Uh, and how many is that gonna be?
5 qst201915_msg0005 84 Could you be more precise? How many do you intend to help?
6 qst201915_msg0006 84 You wanna help all the kids here?! How many will that be then?
7 qst201915_msg0007 84 We estimate somewhere in the region of 10.
8 qst201915_msg0008 84 But fear not. We shall also be assisting them personally this time.
9 qst201915_msg0009 84 No need to be so modest. We are a team, are we not?
10 qst201915_msg0010 84 It shall be a give-and-take relationship. What greater reward than the bond of friendship?
11 qst201915_msg0011 84 It is rather a lot, we know, but there is no need for alarm.
12 qst201915_msg0012 84 You are our Driver. We expect you to answer the call of duty!