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1 qst201914_msg0001 84 The reprobate that goes by the name of Saisai must be somewhere in this town...
2 qst201914_msg0002 84 ...Mm?
3 qst201914_msg0003 84 There he is! That's him!!!
4 qst201914_msg0004 84 Saisai prepared for trouble, but never imagined woman would follow here...
5 qst201914_msg0005 84 Hah! We are nothing if not tenacious!
6 qst201914_msg0006 84 Now, we shall have you return the money you purloined! Every last coin!
7 qst201914_msg0007 84 Peh! Who in right mind return money after petty threat like that?!
8 qst201914_msg0008 84 Woman not get single coin if she not catch Saisai!
9 qst201914_msg0009 84 And anyway, most of money already belong to finest Ardainian bodyguards! Woman have fun convincing them!
10 qst201914_msg0010 84 You filthy... You wasted the money on this?!
11 qst201914_msg0011 84 Let us dispatch these nuisances and take down the feathered fool at once!