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1 qst201913_0010 82 There is nowhere left to run, feathered fool!
2 qst201913_0020 82 Repent and return that which does not belong to you!
3 qst201913_0030 82 We not obliged to give back one coin! You the fool for being tricked!
4 qst201913_0040 82 Why you... Infidel!
5 qst201913_0050 82 Just wait a minute, Sheba!
6 qst201913_0060 82 Divine Punishment!
7 qst201913_0070 82 Meh-meh-meeeeeeeh!
8 qst201913_0080 82 Ahh... In our fit of anger, we...
9 qst201913_0090 82 No! Our gold! Our precious 1,000,000 goooold!
10 qst201913_0100 82 The great unwashed are lining their pockets with it...
11 qst201913_0110 82 You've really done it now.
12 qst201913_0120 82 I tried to stop you...
13 qst201913_0130 82 Ahh... Ahhhh...
14 qst201913_0140 82 Hey, lady!
15 qst201913_0150 82 ...Hmm?
16 qst201913_0160 82 Here! This is yours, isn't it?
17 qst201913_0170 82 You... You would return this to us?
18 qst201913_0180 82 Yeah. Everyone needs money, don't they?
19 qst201913_0190 82 Oh, sweet, sweet child. Oh purest angel!
20 qst201913_0200 82 All of you... You do this for our sake...
21 qst201913_0210 82 You have...our sincerest thanks!
22 qst201913_0220 82 It is we who were the fools.
23 qst201913_0230 82 To have doubted you even for a moment... We are undeserving of such honesty.
24 qst201913_0240 82 ...Wait. You deserve a reward!
25 qst201913_0250 82 We shall invite you all to a magnificent tea party!
26 qst201913_0260 82 Really?!
27 qst201913_0270 82 Sounds amazing!
28 qst201913_0280 82 Huh?! You're gonna invite all these kids?!
29 qst201913_0290 82 That is correct. The money is no longer of any consequence.
30 qst201913_0300 82 For we have found something more precious than all the world's jewels.
31 qst201913_0310 82 These pure, perfectly innocent children have opened our eyes.
32 qst201913_0320 82 We were wrong to focus solely on gathering an entourage and holding magnificent parties.
33 qst201913_0330 82 What we really should have been seeking was the unblemished hearts of these darling children.
34 qst201913_0340 82 Inviting these children to our tea party is more than enough to make us happy.
35 qst201913_0350 82 Sheba...are you sure about this?
36 qst201913_0360 82 If there is one thing we are sure of, it's this.
37 qst201913_0370 82 Our dream remains, only redirected.
38 qst201913_0380 82 Well then, maybe I just might decide to tag along too!
39 qst201913_0390 82 Would you mind if I joined you as well?
40 qst201913_0400 82 Absolutely. The more the merrier!
41 qst201913_0410 82 Mmm, this is super tasty!
42 qst201913_0420 82 Hehehe! I've never had anything like this before!
43 qst201913_0430 82 It gladdens us to hear that. From the bottom of our heart!
44 qst201913_0440 82 Do help yourselves to tea and treats. It's all there for your delectation!
45 qst201913_0450 82 Let us have a celebration to end all others!
46 qst201913_0460 82 So tell me... Why are we the ones serving the food again?
47 qst201913_0470 82 This outrage! Tora not accept this!
48 qst201913_0480 82 Shush, you! Just grin and bear it! Don't go ruining the moment for them!
49 qst201913_0490 82 *sigh*