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1 qst201909_0010 82 There you are, you black-feathered ingrate!
2 qst201909_0020 82 Who are you?!
3 qst201909_0030 82 First you swindle us, and now you have the gall to make an innocent girl cry?! Scum of Alrest!
4 qst201909_0040 82 Your wicked meddling ends here and now!
5 qst201909_0050 82 Who this woman? Why she make so much racket?
6 qst201909_0060 82 ...Ah, I remember her!
7 qst201909_0070 82 She dumdum who buy desert island for 1,000,000 gold!
8 qst201909_0080 82 Ahahahaha! That hilarious!
9 qst201909_0090 82 How stupid can woman be?!
10 qst201909_0100 82 Hahaha...
11 qst201909_0110 82 Mocking an exalted figure, are you? You ought to be put in your place.
12 qst201909_0120 82 We hope you are ready for your just deserts!
13 qst201909_0130 82 Desserts? We have plenty food already!
14 qst201909_0140 82 Nargh... What you gonna do about it?
15 qst201909_0150 82 Divine Punishment!
16 qst201909_0160 82 Now, step forward if you'd like to be a forgotten page in the annals of history!
17 qst201909_0170 82 W-wait! Calm down!
18 qst201909_0180 82 There important reason why we do what we do!
19 qst201909_0190 82 There is nothing you could possibly say to allay our righteous anger.
20 qst201909_0200 82 Prepare yourselves!
21 qst201909_0210 82 Whoa, whoa, hold on a second, Sheba!
22 qst201909_0220 82 Stay out of this, Rex! Or do you wish to receive similar punishment?
23 qst201909_0230 82 But if you beat these guys up, how are you going to get your money back?
24 qst201909_0240 82 [ML:undisp ](gasp)
25 qst201909_0250 82 Indeed... The peon makes a fair point!
26 qst201909_0260 82 We should at least listen to what they've got to say.
27 qst201909_0270 82 You can always pummel them later, yeah?
28 qst201909_0280 82 Oh, well... How could we refuse advice from our dear friend Nia?
29 qst201909_0290 82 All right. We shall listen to your pitiful pleas.
30 qst201909_0300 82 However!
31 qst201909_0310 82 If we perceive even the slightest hint of foul play, you know what's coming to you, yes?
32 qst201909_0320 82 [ML:undisp ](timorous, fearful noise)