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1 qst201905_msg0001 84 Mmm... We see that it is indeed a place of spacious proportions.
2 qst201905_msg0002 84 Where might we find the black- feathered fool, Tora?
3 qst201905_msg0003 84 How should Tora know?! Me not know what other Nopon doing just cause me also Nopon!
4 qst201905_msg0004 84 A shame. Then we have no choice but to inquire based on our memory of the incident.
5 qst201905_msg0005 84 We do have a name, though: Saisai.
6 qst201905_msg0006 84 That and the black feathers.
7 qst201905_msg0007 84 That still not much to go on...
8 qst201905_msg0008 84 We shan't know unless we try. Come. Let us perambulate and look for suspicious individuals.
9 qst201905_msg0009 84 Good idea to start from first floor first!