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1 qst201904_msg0001 84 This...this much?! Are you sure about this?
2 qst201904_msg0002 84 Take it.
3 qst201904_msg0003 84 It is our policy never to overlook a lady in trouble.
4 qst201904_msg0004 84 You realize I'm the one paying up here...
5 qst201904_msg0005 84 Cease your whining, Rex! It is not becoming of a gentleman!
6 qst201904_msg0006 84 That should suffice for the time being, should it not? You may use it as you see fit.
7 qst201904_msg0007 84 I...I don't know what to say... Thank you! Thank you so much!
8 qst201904_msg0008 84 Yes... We have decided!
9 qst201904_msg0009 84 Dare I ask... What've you decided?
10 qst201904_msg0010 84 We have observed that the child will one day mature into a beautiful butterfly.
11 qst201904_msg0011 84 She shall be given a free pass into our entourage!
12 qst201904_msg0012 84 In which case, we must turn back this instant, and-
13 qst201904_msg0013 84 Please, wait...
14 qst201904_msg0014 84 Maybe before all that, it important to search for Nopon that tricked Sheba?
15 qst201904_msg0015 84 Oh! You are quite right!
16 qst201904_msg0016 84 You bestow sage advice, dear Poppi! We would expect nothing less of you!
17 qst201904_msg0017 84 Still, it seems we are all but groping in the dark now.
18 qst201904_msg0018 84 We shall have to locate an area where Nopon congregate and press them for information.
19 qst201904_msg0019 84 Yes! To the Argentum Guild we go!
20 qst201904_msg0020 84 There are an abundance of Nopon merchants there. Surely we will find the lead we seek.
21 qst201904_msg0021 84 If all goes well, we may even be able to meet the black-feathered villain.
22 qst201904_msg0022 84 Your monarch has spoken! We make for Argentum immediately!
23 qst201904_msg0023 84 I'm not sure it'll be that easy... Goldmouth's a big place, you know.
24 qst201904_msg0024 84 Fear not. They are but cretins.
25 qst201904_msg0025 84 He will surely have disembarked at Goldmouth Return Port. We shall find him skulking around there!
26 qst201904_msg0026 84 And now we depart! Follow our lead!