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1 qst201823_msg0001 84 You kept us waiting, Nim!
2 qst201823_msg0002 84 Thanks for everything!
3 qst201823_msg0003 84 Mix! You made it!
4 qst201823_msg0004 84 Yes, thanks to you.
5 qst201823_msg0005 84 Some days I thought I'd never make it home again...
6 qst201823_msg0006 84 I can't tell you how happy I am! And how grateful, to Pex and you both!
7 qst201823_msg0007 84 No way, no way... I didn't do anything special!
8 qst201823_msg0008 84 Hey, let's not talk out here. Come on, you're welcome inside!
9 qst201823_msg0009 84 We should celebrate this, this... this combination homecoming slash heroic triumph!